What is shuffle.nyc?

We are a free, weekly email catalog with apartments, art studios, and other local classifieds.

How is Shuffle different from other listings sites?

We are striving to make it easy and transparent for people to list something and to recieve quality responses.

Our emails are custom to each user, making sure your listing is not wasted on people that don’t want to see it. We are always working to add more preferences as well. Our emails are visual and easy to read. You are able to contact a lister super quick and then we will get out of the way.

Also, we have that super cute pigeon as our logo.

Who can I contact to discuss an article I’m writing?

Please email Steven at [email protected].

Is Shuffle Inspired by The Listings Project?

Yes, for sure! We love The Listings Project. We post on it all the time. We hope that you find us useful in different ways.


How many emails will I receive?

Once a week. Sometimes, we will send a relevant sponsored email to you, but feel free to opt out of those at anytime!

What if I don’t care about certain categories?

Then make sure you uncheck those in the preferences section!

Can I change my preferences anytime?

Obvs! It should reflect in the following week's email!

Will my info be shared with a listing without my permission?

No way! But once you click on the contact lister link, you are agreeing to let us share your preferred contact method.

A listing I contacted is spamming me! Help!

Ah! Please email us at [email protected] and we will take care of it.

Why did I not get an email this week?

Your email you receive is custom to you. So if we did not get anything that was relevant, based on your preferences, we don't waste your time with an email. You can thank us later. You can always update your preferences to include everything, if you just love emails.

Why did I only get one or two listings in my email this week?

Please read above. :-)


If all listings are free, how do you make money?

We currently don't! We live here too. We know it's hard. We just find it fun to help. You could always support us via: Brooklyn Art Library

What kind of people are receiving the list?

All kinds of people!

No one responded to my ad? Now what?

Sorry to hear that. Sometimes this will happen. Just like any classified site, we can not guarantee you will get a response.

Do you give refunds?

The list is free, so no!

What if I want to cancel my ad?

Please email [email protected].

Can I post a vacation rental?

Of course! Just use the sublet section.

Who can post on Shuffle?

Really anyone, just as long as there is NOT A FEE associated with the listing.